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Healthera - Certified Nutritionist WordPress Theme

Healthera - Certified Nutritionist WordPress Theme
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This diet and nutrition WordPress theme is the best both for selling and promotion

Various diets, in general, everything related to nutrition, are gaining momentum today. Food choices are very closely related to other people and other life forms on this planet, so healthy (and unhealthy) decisions have a big impact. This diet and nutrition WordPress theme was created specifically for you. It will help attract new customers and thereby increase your income.

This theme is based on the Elementor builder, which means that the customization process will be easy even for lay web developers. The landing page design was created by experienced web designers in order to make it look useful, but at the same time attractive. With this diet and nutrition Wordpress theme, you can promote goods.

Discover the wide range of features included in the Healthera theme

The diet and nutrition WordPress theme is equipped with Elementor's premium range of premium widgets to provide you with more options. You can give and present your services on different pages. Discover the portfolio widget that has been added to these pages. Thanks to this feature, you can place several projects on one page.

Each web page consists of a unique composition of design and content that is easy to use. You can freely choose from a huge variety of pages. You can use any of them to fulfill all your needs. The sections are equipped with a great number of widgets.

  • ‘About ’ - on this page you can place information about who you are and what you do.
  • ‘Services’ - on this page you can indicate what your company is doing and name its advantages.
  • ‘Blog’ - here you can publish your posts, as well as with photos, and receive feedback;
  • ‘Contacts’ - this page contains your company’s contact details, how can I contact you.

Take advantage of additional features of the diet and nutrition WordPress theme

Except what has been said above, diet and nutrition WordPress theme has many other characteristics. They will greatly improve the performance of your site and you will enjoy it. Let's highlight the main additional features:

  • parallax effect - a special technique when the background image moves slower than the foreground elements.
  • social options - can be redirected to social networks, thereby increasing the number of subscribers;
  • back to top button - when clicked, you will return to the top of the page;
  • sidebar manager - easier to manage and select sidebars from the list;
  • Google map - convenient addition with the help of which customers can find out your location.

If you need more functions then you can always add widgets in the Elementor. To summarize, we can say that each function that is in the template allows you to create a high-quality and reliable website in a few steps. Rest assured, you will be completely satisfied with this.

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