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Gutenberry - Gutenberg-based Clean Blog WordPress Theme

Gutenberry - Gutenberg-based Clean Blog WordPress Theme
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Take a Chance and Explore All the Possibilities of the Brand New GutenBerry Theme!

Have always been dreaming about your own blog? Then the GutenBerry minimal WordPress theme is waiting just for you! The theme is ready-to-use with the Gutenberg editor. It is based on the native editor that comes with WordPress version 5.0 and higher.

It’s just perfect if you’re planning to build a cozy personal blog or a comprehensive blog with hundreds of dynamic posts. You won’t have to worry about how’s of installing the additional editors that affect the page loading speed.

The Gutenberg native WordPress editor is aimed to provide you with all the necessary possibilities of site-building. Furthermore, once owning the GutenBerry minimal WordPress theme, you are able to use innovative and trendy features that will expand your customization options.

Explore an innovative mix of the well-known features and the opportunities of the Gutenberg editor with GutenBerry theme’s powerful functionality.

Feel the lack of ideas on how to make your website unique and leave all the competitors behind your back? With the GutenBerry clean blog WordPress theme, you don’t need to worry about complicated customization or downloading additional widgets. The theme is attractive and easy-to-use. Moreover, you will be able to choose one of the six elegant and trendy home pages created in the minimalistic design. Simply make a choice from 6 fresh and stylish templates built with Gutenberg WordPress editor.

  • Crystal - in case you choose this page, your posts will be placed in three different ways: chess, grid and listing layouts. You can remove them or use only one layout whenever you want. The page also includes the subscription field.
  • Mauve - this home page will be a desire for those who love pink color. The posts are organized in a grid layout and you are able to set the needed information to be seen for the viewers.
  • Azure - a totally minimalistic home page, which also contains the subscription field. Your posts will be organized in a boxed layout so the interface will look solid and clear.
  • Lavender - the smooth and stylish chess layout accompanied by the neat hero block looks very natural and elegant. Grid layout is also implemented to help you in organizing your posts.
  • Nude - the name of the theme speaks louder than any words. The combination of an old good chess layout and the listing one. In case you want to customize some blocks, you are able to do it in a few clicks.
  • Aqua - clear and minimalistic home page organized in the listing layout. Accompanied by the neat sidebar, which you can hide if you want to, it looks fresh and trendy.

With the Gutenberry clean minimal WordPress theme for Gutenberg, you are able to pick one of the 6 significant stylish blog pages. All you need to do is to decide on which layout you want to see your blog. What is more, the pages already include pagination and meta data, but you can disable these functions if you want to.

Be free to pick from one of the layout types:

  • Classic listing,
  • Classic listing small,
  • Classic listing without sidebar,
  • Classic listing small without sidebar,
  • Small listing grid,
  • Large listing grid.

Check all the limitless possibilities of the Gutenberg native WordPress editor. It will allow you to build the pages using one of the three custom layouts. Moreover, you can use three at once as well! You can easily customize any page by adding a background image. However, the layouts are already handsome and SEO-friendly.

Additionally, the Gutenberry clean minimal WordPress theme for Gutenberg gives an opportunity to create your own content and add it to the page. It can be anything from color overlay to nested blocks.

With the help of a built-up ZeGuten plugin, you are able to customize or create extra blocks and add them to your blog page.

  • Section - in case you want to make your block more SEO-friendly, the section blocks is exectly what you are looking for. You can customize the structure of your post by adding a gap before or after content, add margins and paddings, or a background image. The image can be easily transformed into parallax. You are able to set a gradient as well. Also, the Gutenberry clean minimal WordPress theme gives the ability to set the opacity of the image.
  • Posts - as the Gutenberry clean minimal WordPress theme was made for blogs, the post blocks play the most important role. ZeGuten plugin gives you a chance to choose the desired layout and organize your posts the way you want to. The most popular one is the grid layout. It allows to organize publications as flexible columns. However, you can choose a listing or chess layout as well.
  • Pricing table - in case you have a travel or a fitness blog, you may want to advertise restaurants, hotels or gyms. The pricing table block to compare various places or promote them.
  • Banner - this block can be used to promote your partners, offer special products or display your discounts. You may also use it to make the page more attractive.
  • Circle progress - The Gutenberry clean minimal WordPress theme allows you to display your progress in percents. You don’t need to write code to customize the appearance of blocks. The Gutenberg native editor provides you with the possibility to do it in a few clicks.
  • Countdown timer - If you are hosting an event and want people to participate, use this to inform them. Also, if you are promoting someone’s product, this block can display the start at the end of the discount.
  • Animated box - make people have a crush on your blog! Use smart animation to attract more subscribers. The Gutenberg template allows you to use 8 various animated effects on your page.
  • Map - choose between a map and satellite layout and show viewers the location of your event. The map is easy to use because the location will be pinned.
  • Progress bar - not only a circle of progress is available. You can add one or several bars if you want. Use it to highlight the improvement or growth.
  • Inline SVG - the main feature of this block is that you can’t lose the quality of images you upload. Use it for icons to introduce the brands you are working with.
  • Image comparison - with the WordPress theme for Gutenberg, you can compare two or more pictures. This block is dynamic and the viewers of your page can interact with it.

Use the GutenBerry clean minimal WordPress theme to share your thoughts, emotions and establish your philosophy. Build your own fascinating blog with the help of the Gutenberg WordPress editor.

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