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500+ WordPress website templates for any topic

We offer easy-to-customize WordPress themes for almost any topic and project.


Elementor PRO kits

Building websites with Elementor PRO? Get a set of pre-designed pages tailored for easy use.

Use with any theme

5 pre-designed pages in one kit

Elementor PRO only

Works with most popular Elementor-compatible themes

Use Elementor PRO for the best editing experience

Why choose Elementor PRO templates by Zemez

This set of pre-designed Elementor PRO templates was created especially to simplify your working process and make the pages of your website look awesome

Compliant with any theme

If you are looking for ways to make your theme more powerful, informative, and attractive you can apply one of these five pre-made Elementor PRO templates. They can be simply installed and added to your theme without excess effort and tools. For those who use one of the most popular Elementor-compatible themes, these multifunctional Elementor PRO templates will be a great addition.

Based on PRO version of Elementor

In case you need more pages for your website, these pre-made Elementor PRO templates are real treasures for you. They were created with the help of Elementor PRO builder. Thanks to the modern drag-n-drop technology and lots of features you can simply customize and edit the Elementor PRO templates according to your needs and website design. Moreover, the bunch of widgets is at your service.

Suited for specific topics

Created for various topics, the Elementor PRO templates will turn all your ideas into real life. Choose one of the kits, which is suitable for your services the most, and start customizing it. Replace the demo-content with your own or use them in a combination to get an exciting result. Use Elementor PRO templates to create the software, business, medical, educational websites, or web portfolio with their help.

Collection of pre-designed templates

Each of Elementor PRO templates in a kit has several pre-made pages. You have an opportunity to use the ready-to-use layouts instead of creating everything from scratch. Build a wonderful website using the page, header, and footer templates. Blog page and Single Post templates are also included. Moreover, Elementor PRO templates have the pre-made pop-up and Custom 404 page templates.

Responsive and time-saving

Choose and download one of the 5 flexible Elementor PRO templates and forget about spending hours on building the pages. It is a pretty good offer for web developers, who want to save their money and time. Thanks to the responsiveness of the Elementor PRO templates your website will look wonderful on any device and type of screen you want. Check the result directly from the builder and improve it as you wish.

Applied within a few clicks

The Elementor PRO templates are the pre-designed sets of pages ready for import into any theme with just a few clicks. You just need to import the Json file to the templates library. You can do it directly from the Elementor builder without leaving the editing process. Find the place where you want to paste one of the Elementor PRO templates and click on the folder button to achieve the result.

Hassle-free and highly performing

Forget about slow loading speed and long waiting time if you use one of these five Elementor PRO templates. As they all are optimized, the amount of content on your page doesn’t influence the website’s work. All the sections were created to avoid the overload. What is more, each of the Elementor PRO templates is SEO-friendly, so it will be easier to reach the high ranks in search and get more website visits.

Don’t need coding knowledge

One of the most valuable features of the Elementor PRO templates is that there is no need to write hundreds of lines of code to create the design or change the interface. All the elements and effects can be easily replaced and changed in the Elementor builder. Therefore our Elementor PRO templates are the best assistants, in case you want to create a powerful and attractive design within a few minutes.

Full of PRO widgets and effects

Apply the collection of premium Elementor widgets to your theme with Elementor PRO templates. On their pages, you will find attractive sliders to display the content, counters to show the company growth, testimonials widget, team members to introduce your employees, etc. Find amazing animations and effects inside Elementor PRO templates which are going to make your website look fabulous.