Website accessibility suite

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  • Implementing WCAG compliance
  • Accessibility for people with special needs
  • In regards to international laws
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Estimated time: 24 b.h.

We will make your theme compliant with WCAG 2.1 standards, making your website’s content accessible to everyone

1. Implementing zoom magnifier tool

The visitors will be able to make any page of your website larger in order to view the content without any problems.

2. A variety of high contrast modes

In order to make all the elements throughout your website more distinct, and perceive your content smoothly, the visitors will be able to switch to different contrast modes, including high-contrast black-and-yellow and black-and-white modes.

3. Customizable font size and special fonts

It will be up to your visitors to make the font and its size match their needs. You can be sure at all times that the text on your website stays readable, no matter what.

4. Cursor settings

The cursor will help your visitors in the navigation process, and it should stay noticeable at all times. There are several cursor modes for your visitors to choose, which will make your website even easier to use for everyone.

5. Disabling animation

The visitors will be able to turn off the distracting animation effects and nothing will be distracting them from the content.

Check the way our service works

Your website will have an extra tool to make every element of your website accessible to people with special needs. Feel free to check how the tool works here.