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  • Caching and compression
  • Code minification
  • Database optimization
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Make your webpages load lighter and faster using the comprehensive approach of Speed Booster service by ZEMEZ

1. Smart content optimization is the key

Our skilled professional team will significantly speed up your website’s pages. We’ll compress the image files without quality losses. The website will be cleaned of the unnecessary plugins that take a toll on the general loading speed of the website, yet we’ll preserve everything that is needed in order for the website to be working properly.

2. Gzip compression will make website load even faster

Our professionals will ensure that this top compression method is used at your webserver, and it works properly in order for the files to load much quicker. If the method wasn’t used, we’ll enable it for your server.

3. Code markup and scripts minification

If some of the plugins, or content parts use external JS libraries, that take more time to be loaded, or if the script itself slows down the website’s page on loading stage, the minification will definitely help you increase the loading speed. Our team will make certain that the minification settings are tuned up properly and all the scripts still run smoothly even after being minified.

4. Apply caching to speed up web pages loading time

We will set up the caching for your website’s pages in order to make them load faster, as the data will be retrieved quicker, being stored in the quick-to-access storage layer.

5. Professional database optimization

In case your website’s been around for years, or it has loads of pages and content, it might be slowed down by the database that has to be cleaned from time to time. Our team will care about the database optimization, and do everything for you without any risk to your content.