RTL and multi language pack

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  • Up to 4 languages
  • RTL orientation
  • Performed with WPML
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Estimated time: 48 b.h.

Need to translate your website into an RTL language? We’ll add up to 4 languages to your website, including RTL

1.Full WPML setup for all pages and menus

The professionals will install WPML plugin to your website, and add up to 4 languages, including the ones that require RTL orientation. Every element of your website will be translated into the languages of your choosing, making your website easy to understand
and use for visitors from other countries.

Please, note, that the service doesn’t include the cost of WPML plugin itself, it should be purchased separately in order to be used on the website.

2.The specifics of RTL languages will be preserved

When creating versions of your website’s pages, publications and menus for the right-to-left language, our specialists will keep in mind the importance of perception of each of the elements by the visitors and ensure that every element looks as it should,
when being translated.